1997 and Later Volkswagens Kill Scan Tools

In 1997 Volkswagen included the radio in the diagnostic circuit, referred to as the “K-Line” (pin 7). Prior to that, Volkswagen used pin 7 as a power lead from the radio. The problem occurs when someone replaces the radio with … Continued

1999 GMC Pickup — 4L80E, No Line Rise

This problem and fix comes from Wilf Burnett from Wilf’s Transmissions in Vancouver Canada. The truck came in with severe clutch failure. They discovered a no-line-rise malfunction and proceeded to diagnose the problem. Their diagnosis confirmed that the PCM was … Continued

2000 Blazer with early shifts – 4WD or 2WD

2000 Blazer with early shifts – 4WD or 2WD   The complaint is describes as “stacked” or “early” shifts; where the transmission will shift to 4th gear in less than 100 feet from takeoff. In this particular case it’s a … Continued

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